Nivell: 4t ESO Matèria:  Anglès
Data Unitat /Seqüència Didàctica Tasca d’ampliació Tasca de consolidació
18/11 UNIT 2 Why don’t you make up a story in which you use relatives clauses and compounds of: some/any/no? It will allow you to expand your knowledge on these concepts. Remember: it must be related to the vocabulary from unit 2. If you want to consolidate the relative clauses studied during unit 2, you will find some activities at
23/1 UNIT 3 It’s a mistery Improve your English skills by watching this video on youtube: Through this video you can learn not only the narrative tenses but as well you can practise listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. Why don’t you try it? A good way to consolidate unit 3 is to think about a good or bad memory you have about your life and describe it. Remember to use the past tenses and why not, you can also include vocabulary from the unit!
31/1 Unit 4 Living Together Why don’t you watch this movie segment to practise the conditionals?

It’s a different way to learn while having fun!!

Think  about this sentence: Can you imagine what you would do if you had no fear?

Create a list expressing all your ideas with the second conditional!

06/03 Unit 5 Made for you Try to write a funny poem including the passive voice (present, past and future). Here you have a wonderful example:

Have fun while learning!!!!

Let’s consolidate the passive voice studied during unit 5. You will find some interesting activities on the following link: