Nivell: 3r ESO Matèria:  Anglès
Unitat /Seqüència Didàctica Tasca d’ampliació Tasca de consolidació
unit 1 Improve your English by surprising one of your friends sending him/her an invitation to a party or something you think they might like. Part of the surprise is that you have to write it in English! Be imaginative and include some drawings! If you want to consolidate the vocabulary learnt in Unit1, think of all the trips in your life so far. Then, try to express your memories in English as much as you can. Keep it simple, just check how many ideas or things you can already express with your English.You can start with lists of words!
unit 2 Winter is a wonderful time to read. There is a nice series of English books, loved by all ages, by Roger Hargreaves The series is called Mr. Men and Little Miss Library. It contains titles like Mr. Impossible, Mr Cheerful, Mr. Brave, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Chatterbox and many more. You´ll find them in almost every bookshop with English books. Enjoy them! It´s Christmas time! Look on the internet and find one typical meal for Christmas in Gran Britain or the UUSS! It has to be in English, of course. Did you know all the ingredients? Maybe you can try and cook it yoursel!
unit 3 A journey through the cartoon world of years past awaits you: Top Cat, The Flintstones, Yogi Bear or Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har are some of them! Look for them in youtube and find your hero! A Midsummer Night´s Dream has been your Reader. Why don´t you try and write, not a play of course, but just a poem based on a dream? As your teacher says: if you don´t try, you´ll never know. Have fun!