Nivell: 2n ESO Matèria: Anglès
Unitat /Seqüència Didàctica Tasca d’ampliació Tasca de consolidació
1 If you want to expand your knowledge and learn the differences and similarities between the Catalan and British educational system, watch the video “EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN UK” at and write them down. At you wil find activities that will allow you to strengthen the school objects and subjects vocabulary worked in Unit 1, At School.

Unit 2 Click on this link and follow the instructions if you want to know a little bit more about Christmas and consolidate vocabulary.

Click on the following link  and do the activity about Christmas in order to strengthen your skills.

Unit 3 – Seeing the world Write the names of three holiday destinations that you know in your area and describe them. Use as many adjectives as possible, and why not? Try to compare those places! Why don’t you surf on this internet site: and describe a couple of world records? Have a look at the Hall of Fame, it’s really amazing.